#MinnegeddonPartDeux…What the fuss is all about…

There is something changing in the underworld of music, but nobody will talk about it at the level of the press, except for occasional small slanderous rants, such as that of a Chicago music critic some weeks ago.  Why is this?

Well, you could consider this a kind of opera in which there is a mystery, a curse, and a deadly plot.  At the center of it is, not exactly a person, but a sound.  It is the sound that seems to cause phonies to run away. It is a quality of sound that gentle people seem to love.

Rather than tell anyone what to think, I would like to invite you to listen and decide for yourself what to think.  I ask that you listen with your ears and not with your head, as there are some who have seemed to pit themselves against this gift with words that are deliberately misleading…

Here is one sound file.  It is intentionally not something composed by Mozart, as it is simpler to hear the quality of sound alone…

#MinnegeddonPartDeux…as things become more wierd by the hour…

I always knew that I could ride like the wind.  Some of my very first memories are riding behind my Father, a cowboy-turned-metallurgist in the hills outside of a small SD town.  I sat behind him, saddle or bareback, and hung on for dear life.  We took off at a gallop on the wiry quarter horses, stopped on a dime, and had an exciting and rambunctious time.  I felt more at home flying through the air on a horse than I did with my feet on the ground.

But things happened, and life changed us all.  My father nearly took his own life when I was eighteen.  I was never told why.  Instead, nebulous accusations were floated about that what happened was my fault.  My Father, Mother and sister circled the wagons, and refused to talk to me about it.

And so I lived the best I could and stumbled around a lot with questions that were not considered worthy of answers.  My Father became successful and lived the rest of his life well, so I knew that good had come out of it all.

Having had a few scary experiences doing white-knuckle Western riding, including a horse managing to runaway with me on the grass next to a major highway heavy with early morning traffic to New York City, I waited until recently to learn how to ride correctly.  After spending a great deal of time and money with teachers who in some instances seemed more scary than the horses, I found my horse Miles and myself in a dressage clinic with a great classical equestrian who saw through my issues and helped me realize I was blocked from achieving all my goals because of something, or things, that had happened in the past.

So I quit taking regular lessons and tried to focus both on my horse, learning everything from the ground up, building a relationship with him (I am still a fairly new horse owner — three years now) and using riding to help unleash the issues of the past.

Gradually things began to become more clear, and an extraordinary and unlikely pattern of events presented themselves to me.

As a child I was very healthy.  For some reason, this seemed to make my Mother unhappy.  (She was a horse of a different color, that I will discuss in another post).  But there were times when I would be completely felled by nausea and vomiting.  At that time she was always her lovelies and most conciliatory.  In fact, it was almost as though she were begging me to be comfortable being ill, knowing that she would be pleasant to me (our normal relationship was not).  At one point she even made a statement that puzzled me for years.  She said, “Why don’t you just die and go to heaven like all the other good little children.”  That made no sense to me at the time.  In hindsight I can say that she was a sick woman. But she was also brilliant and able to charm just about everyone, including me, whenever she wanted.  So her vicious and unbalanced streak was largely hidden by what seemed to be a sophisticated and witty gentleness.  Few who have seen her rage are ever again completely naive, but all of us were at one time or another almost hopelessly vulnerable to her charms.

Our typical family dinners, especially during my high school years, involved my being served a plate heaping with heavy and fattening Midwestern food — mashed potatoes, roast beef and gravy — in short, things I had no interest in eating.  I was forced to eat everything on my plate.  My pleas and tears went unheeded.  My Father said nothing.  My sister said nothing.  After dinner, my sister was excused to do her homework, while I was given the task of helping with the evening dishes.  We did not have a dishwasher at the time, and the process seemed endless.  My Mother, in particular, seemed to manage to find a spot on a dish or a piece of silverware that required doing the entire piece all over again.  I was utterly mystified at the time. Now I wonder if I was kept in my Mother’s line of vision to make sure I was digesting the dinner.

As I prepared to leave home for college, a sea change began to take place in our house.  My Father was coming apart, but, having no frame of reference, I was unable to properly assess what was happening.  It was a few months after I left that he nearly succumbed.  He ate poison.  Rat poison.

And so, while riding my horse, feeling more comfortable again in the saddle than with my feet on the ground, it began to occur to me years later that the riding block I was dealing with might in fact have had a connection to the fact that my Father was aware that my Mother had tried to make attempts on my life through poison.  And once I lived away from home I would realize that I was no longer becoming ill.  That realization did not dawn on me until much later, because all I could think about was this terrible near-tragedy that had happened to my beloved Father.

What is “Monostatos”? One example…:-0

Scan 25This photograph was taken by one of the cadre of players that I call “Monostatos”. I was introduced to this person at Orchestra Hall and since this person was also an avid amateur photographer they asked if they could photograph me. I was looking for a photo for an upcoming recital and was delighted at the offer.

When this person arrived at my house for the photo session , I was practicing  in my studio with the windows open.  I happened to be practicing a Mozart violin concerto.  When I went to open the front door  they practically burst in and almost literally ran around the first floor, whispering, “Mozart!  Mozart! Mozart!”  I laughed, and said, “Yes, that is what I was playing,’ but they then gave me a horrified look, as though I didn’t understand.  At that point I became puzzled. I have since been told that some people think they hear the voice of Mozart in the sound of die zauberflote, but at that time didn’t really have a clue. (I am not aware of hearing any voice, for the most part.) Later I did ask their help in getting me a proper introduction to the Music Director, but they declined to do so.   I was, of course, puzzled and disappointed.  Some time after this, this person contracted a terminal illness and died.

For those who thought I was not supportive of the current players during the lockout, I ask you to look at this situation from my somewhat unique and eccentric viewpoint, which is that if I did not care about them I would have remained silent and not bothered to try to warn them about the one of the clique who remains who may have led them astray. And I would have to have that burden on my conscience as well…





In the interim…or perhaps at all…my response to Andrew Patner’s attack on the Slipped Disc blog…

Initially this post was intended to provide some food for thought until the complete replies were posted to resolve Andrew Patner’s vicious and unwarranted attack on the Slipped Disc blog:


On further consideration, spending any significant effort on what anyone with a reasoning mind can see is drivel is hardly valuable…

Mr Patner, the Chicago music critic blindly  said, “Pamela Brown has been called ‘the most exciting musician since Mozart’ and her playing ‘the real magic flute’ by ‘professionals’ we will just refer to as “Monostatos”, who then shunned have attempted to lock her out.” PB also tells us that these people were known to “target my children.”

Mr. Patner’s lack of curiosity here speaks volumes.  Considering the fact that Mr. Patner has given indications of knowing precisely what I am talking about and has decided to attempt to ridicule it, the appearance of ennui speaks even louder.

During the MO lockout I referenced a cadre of players who targeted me and my children by calling them “Monostatos”.  Those events took place some time ago.  Some took place on the stage at Orchestra Hall, behind the back of MOA.  (Not all of these players are dead or have left the MO; one  still seems to be leading others astray.) It was “Monostatos”, in fact, those very people whom Mr. Patner appears to respect, who made those statements to me in person but declined to do so at the level of the press.

Perhaps Mr. Patner or anyone else who might be looking for consistency in my posts might consider dragging themselves away from the myriad fabulous performances of those of whom they approve of , and sitting down with a vocal score or libretto of Mozart’s last major opera, The Magic Flute, and then reading it with an open mind. Even Mr. Patner might be surprised. :-0

Let me provide a link to one for handy reference:


In addition, let this thread give anyone who has begun to ask themselves just how ‘credible’ Mr. Patner’s stance is an opportunity to ask themselves a serious question — do you listen with your head or with your ears?  I ask this because I can assure you that there are many who will happily present themselves as ‘credible’ in order to steer you to where they want you to go.  In short, they will be happy to do your thinking for you.  If you listen with your head, you will be vulnerable to being deceived and led astray.  If you listen with your ears, your chances of staying grounded are considerably stronger.

Then, if you wish, you can ask yourself another question — do you really believe that those who claim to be professionals and insist that they have a trained ear are unable to discern the unique sound of Mozart when they hear it?

If Mr. Patner and “Monostatos” know that what they hear is indeed the essence, or inner voices, of Mozart in die zauberflote, and they are telling you to ridicule this, what does this mean?


#MinnegeddonPartDeux — Andrew Patner and the sock-puppet venticelli…:-0

I love the Met.  I follow Met threads on the Slipped Disc blog.  I had just posted about my early memories about being bussed down to the Met in grade school to watch rehearsals.  I was enraptured — so were my classmates.  One of them even became a docent at the San Francisco Opera.  

So you can imagine my abject horror when I received an email showing a new comment to a Met thread.  It was not about the Met — it was about me!  Not only that, it was a rant that included my name, my actual website, the fact that I also am a JFK assassination researcher, and the rest was libelous drivel.  As someone who uses the alias “Amy” on SD and other blogs has been dogging my posts for months, I made the assumption that “Andrew Patner” was probably one of her aliases.  I immediately emailed Norman Lebrecht, who runs the SD blog, and begged him to remove the post. He declined to do that, explaining that Andrew Patner is in fact a real person, in fact, an esteemed Chicago music critic, and that he had made that post.  Norman suggested that I ‘slug it out’ so to speak, on the SD blog.  Here is a link to the thread:


So I did defend myself.  And I asked for an apology from him and “Amy” and the other sock-puppets who tried to dogpile on me in that thread.  That was a couple of days ago.  I am still waiting…

Die Zauberflote…has the opera come to life in Minnesota?

Let’s see if I can give you a brief rundown of characters that exist in the opera Die Zauberflote as well as in real life…rather than give you their actual names, I will share with you the names I have given them in my saga “Piper to the Alternative”…which is fictional, but drawn from real life…

Well, me, of course — Pamina, who knew the sound of Mozart’s music even before I knew his name.

My Father, Dorian Payne.  He was a metallurgist.  He gave me my flute.

My Mother, Mildred, the real Queen of the Night.  She was a very powerful witch, able to hurl curses and cause a room to turn white with her anger. Mildred also bewitches just about everyone except Pamina, who, because of the flute, sees right through her.  Mildred’s lack of the protection of secrecy around Pamina causes her to repeatedly rage at her daughter.

The QOTN’s Ladies in waiting — they manage to turn into wannabe’s…Starla, Karin and Mili…

Papageno — my dear friend Paul, who has supported me through a lot of angst…

Tamino — a bit of a mystery…listen to the sound of the flute and then you can decide…

The three children  — Karl, Krystof and Karin

Monostatos — Maurice Magus, Principal Flute at the Salzburg Northland State Orchestra, Christopher Rand, player, and Cranston Revellard, conductor (plus others)…

Oh, and of course Sarastro…but that may be another mystery:-)


#MinnegeddonPartDeux…the politics of shame? :-0

As those of us at the nucleus of die zauberflote sit in the silent center of a very noisy vortex that seems to carry with it waves of both good and evil, it can be very difficult and even stressful to attempt to analyze what is going on on the outside.  Nonetheless, there have recently been some very curious events that seem, on one level, almost inexplicable, while on another level evidence that things are moving forward in a positive way.

This spring, someone I considered to be a close friend, whose word, in fact, I rarely ever doubted, did an about face and treated me rudely not only in emails but at a public event.  This was such uncharacteristic behavior that I spent some serious time doubting that I had perceived things correctly.  But, as others were also present, my worst fears were confirmed.  Behind the scenes, it then appeared, that another person who has made it very obvious that they are my adversary, appears to have goaded this usually charming person into behaving badly.  

So it has dawned on me that what I call the “Hook of Lermontov”, or the underlying agenda against die zauberflote coming forward to the level of the press, has not yet been entirely removed.  While there appears to be so much positioning, and scurrying around behind the scenes and behind our backs, it would be supremely naive to fail to acknowledge this salient point. 

Often times with die zauberflote the experience is quite similar to an airplane flight — while ascending there are usually choppy patches which can at times appear to be threatening, but are, in fact, just part of the process of climbing to a cruising altitude which is usually much more smooth. So it is with die zauberflote — some days are gleefully full of joy and shalom and others seem fraught with unexpected controversy.  If there is one thing I have learned about it, it is that it is indeed magic, in that one never knows what to expect.  Some people are comfortable with this, while others are not.  Some even seem to take offense.  In this case, I can imagine that my ex-friend may be quietly editing their chapter on “How to try to destroy the Most Exciting Musician Since Mozart” (words of a ‘pro’, not mine) while the adversary tries to figure out who the next proxies will be while they segue back over to the other side of the world in order to keep them ‘safe’ from the consequences of trying to block die zauberflote…in any case, this is certainly a curious and interesting time…:-0



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