Die Zauberflote…has the opera come to life in Minnesota?

Let’s see if I can give you a brief rundown of characters that exist in the opera Die Zauberflote as well as in real life…rather than give you their actual names, I will share with you the names I have given them in my saga “Piper to the Alternative”…which is fictionally, but based on fact…

Well, me, of course — Pamina

My Father, Dorian, who gave me my flute.

My Mother, Mildred, the real Queen of the Night.  She was a very powerful witch, able to hurl curses and cause a room to turn white with her anger.  

The QOTN’s Ladies in waiting — they manage to turn into wannabe’s…

Papageno — my dear friend Paul, who has supported me through a lot of angst…

Tamino — my husband, Avron…an extraordinary person with a heart of gold…

The three children  — Karl, Krystof and Karin

Monostatos — Maurice Magus, Principal Flute at the Salzburg Northland State Orchestra, Christopher Rand, player, and Cranston Revellard, conductor (plus others)…

Oh, and of course Sarastro…well, that would be Mozart…:-)


#MinnegeddonPartDeux…the politics of shame? :-0

As those of us at the nucleus of die zauberflote sit in the silent center of a very noisy vortex that seems to carry with it waves of both good and evil, it can be very difficult and even stressful to attempt to analyze what is going on on the outside.  Nonetheless, there have recently been some very curious events that seem, on one level, almost inexplicable, while on another level evidence that things are moving forward in a positive way.

This spring, someone I considered to be a close friend, whose word, in fact, I rarely ever doubted, did an about face and treated me rudely not only in emails but at a public event.  This was such uncharacteristic behavior that I spent some serious time doubting that I had perceived things correctly.  But, as others were also present, my worst fears were confirmed.  Behind the scenes, it then appeared, that another person who has made it very obvious that they are my adversary, appears to have goaded this usually charming person into behaving badly.  

So it has dawned on me that what I call the “Hook of Lermontov”, or the underlying agenda against die zauberflote coming forward to the level of the press, has not yet been entirely removed.  While there appears to be so much positioning, and scurrying around behind the scenes and behind our backs, it would be supremely naive to fail to acknowledge this salient point. 

Often times with die zauberflote the experience is quite similar to an airplane flight — while ascending there are usually choppy patches which can at times appear to be threatening, but are, in fact, just part of the process of climbing to a cruising altitude which is usually much more smooth. So it is with die zauberflote — some days are gleefully full of joy and shalom and others seem fraught with unexpected controversy.  If there is one thing I have learned about it, it is that it is indeed magic, in that one never knows what to expect.  Some people are comfortable with this, while others are not.  Some even seem to take offense.  In this case, I can imagine that my ex-friend may be quietly editing their chapter on “How to try to destroy the Most Exciting Musician Since Mozart” (words of a ‘pro’, not mine) while the adversary tries to figure out who the next proxies will be while they segue back over to the other side of the world in order to keep them ‘safe’ from the consequences of trying to block die zauberflote…in any case, this is certainly a curious and interesting time…:-0


#MinnegeddonPartDeux — Mozart’s gift and a Philosopher’s Stone? :-0

It has seemed to me for quite some time that the key to what actually happened to Wolf at the end of his life lay with the usual gift that he had that nobody talks about.  This is the gift that one astute listener actually defined as the “Mozart effect”.  There is undoubtedly something about his music that is calming and grounding, and something that speaks ineffably of hope and goodness.  It is my thinking that the lack of discussion about this extra gift that hardly any other composer had, and none certainly to the degree that Wolf did, stems from an agenda that was used during his lifetime and has been used ever since.  

In occult literature from ancient times onward there has been discussion of a “Philosopher’s Stone,” or something that a talented alchemist could use to transmute base metal into gold.  There has been much secrecy and mystery about this concept.  Nevertheless, some allude to having used it, and others seemed to show up unexpectedly with significant sums of money.  

I don’t think it took much for people around Wolf to realize that, not only did he have this unusual gift of creating extraordinary music right out of his head, but that he had an energy that differed from that of others.  This energy could be vampirized by those of ill intent.  And this vampirized energy could be used as a sort of Philosopher’s Stone. The only problem was that Mozart had to be successfully slandered in order for the process to work.  So those with ill-intent attempted to ingratiate themselves into his life.  They flattered him to his face and slandered him behind his back.  In the process they managed to vampirize this energy. They received commissions and money as he went into debt.  The slander created, in fact, an extra and false persona.  You might recognize it — the dictionary about it is the movie “Amadeus”.  That is how Mozart was robbed of the worldly abundance that could have been his destiny, and that is how he was robbed of his life…


#MinnegeddonPartDeux…if you will just bear with me…

My greatest character fault (that I am aware of; undoubtedly there are others) is that I have a tendency to speak in a matter-of-fact manner about issues that are to others somewhat extraordinary. To add to that failure, I then anticipate that I have won everyone over when, in fact, I may have just left them confused or scared.

As I look at this situation objectively, I can now, after the passage of time, say that I can think of absolutely no reason why anyone should find me or what I say credible. I can hardly imagine, in hindsight, what my poor flute teacher, who was Principal Flute for the MO at the time, for example, was going through. I think, in our own way, each of us was trying to work with the other, without having any understanding of just how wide the gap was. A few months after I started studying with him, he had a near-fatal heart attack. His magnificent sound was compromised, and I don’t think he ever really got it back. After that he seemed somewhat reluctant to schedule lessons with me, and kept sending me off on rabbit trails, as well has having outbursts of what I can now call angry sarcasm at some of the questions I asked. For example, I asked him about his breathing technique on a tricky excerpt. His answer was, “Well, it’s simple. You breathe in, you breathe out.” I much belatedly realized how severely his breath support had been compromised by his health issues. I was, in fact, a poster child for insensitivity in that regard.

And so, I am sure it has been with others with a trained ear. Something that cannot be grasped, something that cannot be controlled, where I seem to be hearing things I am not supposed to be able to grasp (one player ranted and raved because I was singing the ‘inner voices’ to a piece we were listening to. (I still don’t quite get that…:-0)

But at any rate, though, if you meet me in person you will find that I am quite silly and irreverent; in fact, a total opposite of what most anyone would see as a ‘credible musician’. But on the other hand, if you happen to be at all interested, I encourage you to test what I say, rather than just tossing my statements into the trash, so to speak. And in the process, perhaps ask yourself if die zauberflote is so magic that it not only caused a 200M arts organization to come to a grinding halt in order to (as well as for other more obvious reasons) undo damage that was done to me and my three little children, might you then possibly ask yourself if it is impossible that the entire cast of the opera Die Zauberflote has come to life in the 21-st century in Minnesota? For that is at the heart of the mystery of what is happening here…:-)

#MinnegeddonPartDeux — die zauberflote an underlying reason for the MO lockout?

When I look at this situation objectively, it is almost staggering. It can be asked, in fact, from my perspective, whether or not a 200M arts organization was brought to a grinding halt in order to deal with critical issues of the organization, of course, but also to begin to undo damage done to me and my family and set things moving on a more constructive course. Of course, while some of those on the other end of this situation might titter and chortle and this assertion, I think that I can demonstrate that it has merit. And if there is any possibility this is the case, would it not speak to not only the presence of something extraordinary, which can only be called, as more than one MO player and others have acknowledged, ‘the real magic flute’, but as an example of how it works to stop wickedness in its tracks and turn everything to be used for good?

Were they ‘lying in wait’ at the MO? :-0

I must have had one of the most unorthodox entries into the underworld of classical music of anyone who ever attempted to enter it ‘seriously’ — young, single mother of three beautiful little children, initially working as a model, of all thing, to provide support for my family. When I called the at-that-time principal flute to ask if he might take me on as a student, I was almost apologetic. I was also hopelessly naive. My teacher switched pieces on me at the first lesson, from something I wanted to work on, to something they liked. Then he complained bitterly about the name change to Minnesota Orchestra from Minneapolis Symphony, which had occurred some years earlier. Understandably, I was quite puzzled, but, at that point, had no framework from which to object. He then proceeded to send me out on various rabbit trails, which I eventually came to realize meant that he had no intention of teaching me to do anything but fail.

I eventually realized that I had, in effect, walked into a trap. I blamed myself, for being so atypical. But were they really just lying in wait…? :-O

I used to think…:-0

As I was struggling to find my way, plunged in an atypical (to say the least) manner in the traditional classical “underworld of music”, studying flute seriously while being treated in what seemed a very disrespectful and unpredictable manner by my Minnesota Orchestra Principal teacher, Profs at the UofM, and other so-called “professionals”, I used to think, “if only I could get to Heifetz, he would understand,” and, “if only Heifetz were my teacher, others would have to treat me with respect.” Though merely a flute player, I did everything I could to pursue the dream of becoming one of his students, but to no avail. With Heifetz’ integrity of playing, exquisite artistry, and classical calm, I felt that he alone may have held the answers to any question I might had about the flute. When one of these players exclaimed, after hearing me practice a section of the Brahms violin concerto on the stage at Orchestra Hall, that I had “more power than Heifetz” I was furious. Nobody had more power than Heifetz, I thought at that time; though I have since modified my position to say that was true in many of the pieces he recorded. Though I did not realize it at the time, Heifetz had become, in essence, my teacher, through his recordings, and he could do no wrong. In fact, when he died, I felt as though I had lost a personal friend.

In my naivete I sincerely believed that because my musical situation was so unusual I had myself triggered the bullying reactions of so many “professionals”, it was not until recently that a door opened into the deep abyss that the students of Heifetz seemed to have faced. It is a thread on the Slipped Disc blog, that has turned out to be insightful and informative, and terrifyingly real: http://slippedisc.com/2014/07/high-explosive-aaron-rosand-accuses-isaac-stern-of-sabotaging-his-career/

Hopefully, this thread will help many who have been victims of bullying to regain their self-respect and calm. I know it has help me to do so…


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