And now for the affairs of the day…

The Minnesota Orchestra players are in lockout.  The situation seems to be stagnant.  Management is demanding that the players come up with a counteroffer– the players insist that they need for information in order to do that.

But up steps Maestro Osmo Vanska, who has remained on the sidelines all this time, as the director traditionally does.  He has written a letter to the Board and the Players that clearly defines the effect that this situation has had on him and his hopes for the future:

Is this a brave an courageous act, or is he just throwing himself on the pyre?  Is this bringing clarification to this complex situation, or just adding to the confusion?

Who is actually running this orchestra?  If the Board chooses not to give Maestro Vanska, whose vision they are (one would think) responsible for maintaining, what will happen next?  

Are we hearing the sounds of an orchestra imploding?  I hope not.

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