I could not resist…

Reply to the Mary’s statement at the Song of the Lark blog:

Mary said:
“They [mgt] needs to take a good hard look at the Strategic Business Plan. Is it a Vision for a Sound Future? We all want the Minnesota Orchestra back on stage and performing. We need a plan that will get us there and keep us there.”

Good point, raising an equally good question — if management is not implementing the Vision for a Sound Future, which should result in a plan to keep the MO in working order and moving forward, then what is it doing? What, or whose, agenda are they following? Maestro Vanska has expressed his deep dismay at the affairs as they now stand in his dramatic letter a few days ago. How can they say they are following his vision if he has been put in such a difficult position by them? Will he be the next casualty of a hidden agenda? I certainly hope not.


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