Living in the real world or not? SD blog reply…worse-case-scenario…

Based on the points of discussion so far, we have as a worse-case-scenario, orchestra players who have convinced themselves that they are equal to nearly all the soloists (who earn much more than the players), Do they also believe they ‘don’t really need a conductor’ (who earns more than they) either? They may also dismiss management, who happen to be the ones going out and getting their hands dirty raising funds and doing advertising, as being callous and worldly.

So how can this mindset be used to negotiate in the current MO situation?

Why is the concept of the Emperor’s New Clothes starting to come to my mind? :-0

P.S. This post seems to be causing something of a ruckus; at least one response seems to me to be entirely off the subject; more ‘kill the messenger’ than ‘let’s discuss’.  <sigh>

Not sure why I seem to cause such outrage just by asking questions?  Isn’t that what Socrates did?  What is wrong with attempting to define the actual issues?  It is almost as though the players were a part of some cult which could not be discussed nor criticized, for fear that everything would come apart.  I know that sounds silly, but so is this reaction.  I am also being told, it seems, that I don’t appear to have the right ‘resume’ to criticize or ask questions.  That, of course, raises another red flag.

What is actually going on here?  If this were a for-profit company, just how much tolerance would be given to sassy prima donna’s who seem to want to take credit for everything that works right and no responsibility for anything that doesn’t?  Hmmm…:-0


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