A plea for a return to sanity…reply on the SD blog…

@Allison said, “I’m shocked at how you’ve made assumption after assumption of how all musicians play (not to mention think) based entirely on the specific jobs that they hold.”

You are shocked that I make a distinction between a conductor, a player and a soloist? Am I not entitled to my opinion that these are different genres? Oh wait — I don’t have the right ‘resume’?

I have heard many players and Principals performing solo pieces. I attended every performance where my teacher performed. For the most part, it is not easy for those not trained as soloists to toss the solo pieces off. Sometimes the piece and the player do not seem to be a good match.

Please don’t misunderstand me; I am always delighted to be mistaken. Just recently I heard Manny Laureano perform the Arutiunian Trumpet Concerto with the Wayzata Symphony Orchestra. It was a beautiful performance.

I so much appreciate your taking the time to articulate your positions on these issues, and I acknowledge that we see things very differently. I have no desire to argue — I hope we can simply agree-to-disagree and move on.



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