Best-case-scenario? …reply to SD blog…

My worse-case-scenario, which perhaps I should have specified as containing a reductio ad absurdum, caused a ruckus. Well, of course it did. The point one was intended to draw from it was that there are qualities that seem to be missing from the equation which, if added, might give clout to the players position. One cannot negotiate from a position of arrogance, or entitlement, but one can definitely do so from a position of appreciation and even <sigh> humility. How does that translate to a best-case-scenario? Here’s how:

Suppose everyone begins with the attitude that all parties involved are doing their best (even though one of them may be doing a terrible job). They anticipate that of course, everyone wants the best for them and the organization (even when facts may seem to dictate the opposite). The primary objective is to find a way to a common vocabulary; to include rather than exclude.

Is this unrealistic? I hope not. Is it professional? I hope so.


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