The voice of Heifetz’ playing…a great jewel…

@Allison said,”Well, that’s a great example. Personally, I really enjoy listening to Heifetz’s recordings, but many of my colleagues feel that his playing was cold, mechanical, heartless, unmusical, etc. Which kinda proves my original point: it’s not valid to rank musicians (or orchestras or any other artists) based on subjective criteria.”

Finally something on which we seem to agree –namely, that whether people ‘get’ Heifetz or not, they do acknowledge that he has a distinct sound and quality to his playing. I rarely listen to other string players. His interpretations work for me; there is almost no schmaltz or grandstanding, for example.

Why not agree-to-disagree on the point that it is the particular sound, or voice, of a performer that keeps the public coming back, rather than just their expertise. Let’s leave marketing out of it.


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