Would that it were so simple…SD reply…

@Allison said, “I think you’re assuming that there are musicians out there whose voices are not inimitably their own. In all my years of performing and teaching, I’ve never heard one. I’ m honestly not trying to be snarky here. I just don’t understand why you would assume that only great soloists–or soloists perceived as great–have voices inimitably their own. Go to a Suzuki book 1 violin class, and you’ll find a dozen little violinists, who are NOT necessarily going on in musical careers, who all play Twinkle with voices inimitably their own, even while coached to play it in perfect unison. (And yes, that’s just like any orchestral violin section.)”

With that kind of nebulous mindset, with all due respect, how does one tell the difference between a mechanical nightingale and a live one? :-0

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