No reading allowed!

@Allison said, “if you can find someone in management of a high-level orchestra who considers ANY of their musicians to be “readers,” please do let us know who that is, and which orchestra they manage.”

Player works fine forIt is m me. As you have so eloquently pointed out, in your estimation, most any of these players could also be a soloist, etc. My use of the term ‘reader’ was intended to clarify the job that has created the impasse a the MO. I also used the term ‘excellent’, in that the level at which they consistently work is something that is an extremely high. Most players, including the Suzuki students you mentioned, would not have the stamina to do this.

I sometimes also prefer the term ‘reading’ to ‘interpretation’ when discussion one performance or recording of a piece when compared to another; that can be in regards to the soloist or even the conductor. It is a term that works for me.



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