Reply to The Fiscal CLEF on the S+D blog…

I respect your position, Ron, but given the gravity of the current situation it seems to me the MO players need to find a contract negotiation that is comparable with the current financial situation and use it as a cookie-cutter to get back to the table to negotiate. Drew has mentioned Pittsburgh. I also think they should ask for cuts across the board. That is only fair.

For the future, an alternative to the current business model needs to be developed; something that empowers the players, not leaves them as pawns in the hands of a disrespectful management. The NYPhil began as a player-coop. A new paradigm can be found.

In the meantime, in the snowy TC, let’s curl up with the Grammy nominated MO/Vanska Sibelius 2+5 CD and their scores. đŸ™‚

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