Thank you Don Lee, comment to his MInnpost article…

In all of the angst and distress of the last two months plus over the lack of communication between players and management of both the MO and SPCO, it is refreshing to hear a voice of sanity. This paradigm — this ‘business model’ has failed everyone; and in this case, it has failed the players who trusted management to look out for them. How is this situation any different than, for example, what Mozart had to suffer over 200 years ago? One can easily envision the same sort of frustration in the voices of the players and in the agonizingly honest letter of Maestro Vanska.

The NYPhil began as a player-coop. It is not impossible to think outside of the box. Nobody expected the players to have to be money-crunchers and financial analysts as well as musicians, but they have stepped up to the plate and are looking at more than just having their needs met. They want to know how the mission statement of the MO was changed behind their backs, and they want to know exactly where the money went. They will never relax into complacency again. All this struggle can be used for good for the future — to find alternatives that work for everyone.

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