The dangers of being Mozart…reply to Orchestralist group…

Is there a composer more admired and also despised than Mozart? (re AMADEUS).  What some people fail to realize, or perhaps acknowledge, is that  whether or not he was better than others, he was simply different from everyone else.  He was different in such a way that a perfect interval is different from a major or minor interval.  He knew that; others thought it was just arrogance when he asserted his difference.  It wasn’t.  

As a result, most everything written about him has to be filtered through a veil of misunderstanding.
While the Masons held an undeniable attraction for Mozart, his becoming a member was a catalyst for the dreadful events that later destroyed him.  Though this may have been, in his mind, a congenial and fraternal group, it was also an occult group or network, and to that extent, a dangerous one.

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