“Minnegeddon” or more?

I have been talking and tweeting about what I call “Minnegeddon” since I wrote that episode last summer.  It is the last in the project PIPER TO THE ALTERNATIVE, and describes how the forces of the Kindgom of the Night come up against Pamina and the magic flute.  At the center of the conflict is the Salzburg State Orchestra (of  Salzburg, Northland, not Austria) and its cadre of ill-intended players, led by Christopher Rand.  I thought I understood the plot line, the interactions of the characters, and the anticipated outcome.  But that may not be the case.  

I had thought this section of the story was about Pamina.  But it may be about something much more. I had thought this section was about Salzburg, Northland, but it may be much larger.  

Just a thought…


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