The inimitable Heifetz…again…SD reply…

“Fortunately a year or so later I heard Heifetz in his last concert performance of the work, in Los Angeles, Izler Solomon conducting. An incredible experience–not my last of Heifetz, fortunately, but one of the greatest.”

How lucky you were.

For many years I refused to listen to any other violin player than Heifetz. I had become so exhausted by the sturm und drang of what seemed the more popular style of playing. Recently, I have begun to listen to others and then to Heifetz, and am constantly surprised and amazed at his interpretations. It is as though he enters the mind of the composer, to share the inner structure of the piece; while, of course, using the most exquisite technique.

4/28/13 reply

There is a small yet significant niche for those, such as you, who have experienced Heifetz firsthand. The most well-known favorable book is Sherry Kloss’ “Through My Eyes”. If you were to collect your impressions and recollections into an article or blog, there are many, such as myself, who would treasure such an effort.

It had been my dream at one point, to try to study with Heifetz, even though I am just a flute player. I did even write to him, but by that time, it was too late, as he was gone a few months later.

More Heifetz…<sigh>


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