Anyone but (the real) Mozart……

It wasn’t long after Wolfgang Mozart came into the world that the Kingdom of the Night (in other words, the underworld of ‘serious’ music) decided that he had to go.  As a result, wherever he went, he was met with superficial politeness that he tended to misinterpret as the respect he believed he deserved.  In truth, he was usually being flattered to his face while being stabbed in the back.  As a result, a number of commissions that could have been his were withheld from him.  He couldn’t figure out why, when his music was more elegant and exquisite than that of others.  Wherever he went, while his music was promoted, his character was slandered, even during his lifetime.  The play and movie “Amadeus” managed to collect most all of the outrageous lies about Mozart and put them in one place (for convenient reference). It also managed to take a final slap at him for attempting to claim that he had become an embarrassment to his Creator.  (Apparently, Mozart could do nothing right.)

And so, emotionally and spiritually strangled by the enormous gifts Wolf had been given which the KOTN tried to convince him were not that much different than anything they had been given, he succumbed to the nefarious plots against him and left the earth at an early age.

No sooner had that happened, then the KOTN started begging for another Mozart!  Each new protege was tapped as the original’s possible replacement.  Here a Mozart, there a Mozart, everywhere a Mozart! Mozart!

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to any of the ‘professional’ musicians, who perform and promote Mozart’s music as though waving a banner of some sort of shameful victory, that there will probably never be another Mozart.  Oh, and let’s not forget to remind them of the fact that they didn’t like the first one!

So, just about everywhere one goes these days, somebody is trying to apply to themselves attributes that they attribute to Mozart, while at the same time demonstrating almost unbridled scorn at the original.  If one looks below the surface, it becomes evident that there are a multitude, in fact, of those thinking they have profited by his death (which may have been murder), appropriated his music, and gained access to the Mozart g’zillions that his brilliant catalogue of compositions has generated throughout the years.



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