(Was)So much for having the ‘inside track’, Mr. Lebrecht…Indeed he does after all!

The situation at the MO has progressed beyond demonizing either side. According to a Strib article by Graydon Royce, who has been a voice for the players throughout this difficult lockout, no ultimatum is being given nor voted on at this time.

It seems fair to say that we too can benefit the players by maintaining as positive and constructive an attitude as possible.

That there are negotiations going on is a tremendous move forward. Anything can be negotiated.


There may be even more to this than meets the eye…Mr. Lebrecht stands by his earlier statements:


So, although posting details from the MO players point of view may not be helpful to furthering the spirit of negotiation, this may well have been what occurred early on…

9.9.13 update…as it turns out, Mr. Lebrecht, was indeed correct about the offer and anticipated rejection by the players, and unfairly taken to task by those attempting to distract the public from the significance of what he posted.  Our hats are off to him.:-)


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