Conspiracy at the MOA? :-0 s d reply…

Emily will be welcomed with open arms if she ever decides to join the ranks of the JFK assassination researchers, as she is able to take pieces of evidence and weave them cohesively into a persuasive argument in order to draw a conclusion of conspiracy on the part of the MOA. This is great research. If only there were some way to hold the board accountable; but of course that is the issue, isn’t it?

At the same time, just for a moment, imagine another concept. Suppose, theoretically, there might be things going on that have not yet been defined, and yet have contributed in some tangential way to this logjam? To think way outside of the box for a moment, suppose there were to be even larger issues at hand; and that the board, in its own feeble and clumsy way, is trying to make their way through them?


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