The angst of not being taken seriously….no, seriously!

I remember saying to a classmate of mine at the U of M as a Flute Performance Major that one day there would “be a Minnegeddon at Orchestra Hall.”  His name was Greg.  That was some time ago (during the time I was taking lessons with the then Principal Flute but prior to the time when I was encouraged by another player to practice on the darkened stage at Orchestra Hall every week or so).

Last summer, when I was writing the episode “Minnegeddon” for PIPER TO THE ALTERNATIVE, I repeatedly shared my concept of what I thought this would involve.  This was before the lockout.  But did anyone listen to me?  Of course not.  Laugh.  Titter.  Pat on the head.  Grrrr…

Now here we are, nearly a year later.  Everything is down to the wire.  Neither side has as yet made a viable offer or counteroffer.  Even Mayor Rybak is fed up.  “Why not just try to talk to the one player who understands what is happening here,” I say, in as many different ways as I can.  “Which one?”  “You know…the one who has been leading everyone astray.”  Pause. Yawn.  Giggle.  Titter.  Dismissal.



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