Indian Relays Impress Canterbury Riders & Regulars

This was fantastic. I don’t think any of us will look at horse racing the same way again. It was an historical event, and shows the perfect blending of Canterbury Park with Mystic Lake.

Canterbury Live

Indian Relay_1 9-12-13This much is clear if you’ve ever ridden a horse.

You probably can’t ride one, dismount one and literally jump on another with the nimbleness of a Blackfoot, a Sioux, a Sho-Ban or a Crow.

Even these daredevils frequently overshoot their intended targets and wind up on the other side of a moving, rearing or prancing horse – on the ground.

Nonetheless, they awed even the regular riders at Canterbury Park Thursday night, the jockeys, who en masse crowed the winner’s circle to watch the first of two heats in the Indian Relay Championships.

The winner of heat one was Josh Osborn, a member of the Sho-Ban Nation from Fort Hall, Idaho.

The awestruck were some of Canterbury’s regular riders. Who better than a jockey to appreciate bareback riders who appear part of their animals as they run.

“It’s cool. It’s entertaining,” said jockey Nik Goodwin, an Ojibwe from Bemidji.

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