I wish I could do more…my reply on the departure of Mr. Vanska on the s d blog

Perhaps you didn’t read the first sentence of my post, where I stated that I would do my best to summarize the situation from MOA’s point of view, for the sake of discussion. You seem to have interpreted my statements as those of my opinion. That is something entirely different.

If I were to give my opinion, there would be a lot of !%^^*@# in the post. I am devastated by everything that has happened. I am heartbroken at the loss of Mr. Vanska, who was able to give a voice to the MO. I am frustrated and livid at the plight of the players, who have now been left without their leader.

As there is another situation involving the MO that I was involved in, I reached out to both MOA and Mr. Vanska to do what I could to keep this family together, in the far-off chances that what happened to me was in any tangential way connected to this tragic situation. (I put some information in that regards in my blog.)

As I, too, was, in effect ‘locked out’ ,I do not have a voice. Those who could, have chosen not to give me a proper introduction. I hope you can come to understand that I am doing the best I can under the circumstances.


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