#Minnegeddon — the fallout continues…and expands…

I have been talking about what I call “Minnegeddon” since I was a flute performance major at the U of M.  I have been tweeting and posting about it from the time I wrote that episide of “Piper to the Alternative” in 2012, before the MO lockout.  But my statements have, for the most part, been ignored.  I’m just apparently not the kind of person one takes seriously.  I take responsible for having a sarcastic air and a goofy Pythonesque sense of humor, using emoticons, and making outrageous statements.  These aspects of my character probably tend not to persuade others of my brilliance or sagacity, not to mention, prophetic abilities.  

Oh yes, there is one more thing — I have yet to be given a proper introduction by one who does have ‘credibility’ in the area of performance of classical music.  This one, a “Monostatos”, if you will, could, with just a few words, provide definition to the other issue that has been a part of the events in Minnesota over the last year.  

So now, there seems to be a stalemate in the MO situation that is mollified only by the tenacity of Rep. Kahn, who is proposing that the entire structure of the MO be changed and made accountable to the State of Minnesota, not to its own board. One can hardly imagine what the current board members are saying about this…

In addition, we seem to have a US govt shutdown.  If there were to be a default, it would occur, ironically, on Oct. 17th.  Four years ago, my Mother passed away on that date.  An odd coincidence.  

How long will it take for people to start thinking outside of the box?  How many will actually go to a score of Mozart’s last major opera and check out the character with a name that sounds like “Minnesota”?  In 1791, of course, before Mozart’s untimely death, there was no “Minnesota”.  





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