There is Mozart and then there is anti-Mozart…just a thought…

To my thinking. Mozart had an unusual gift.  It was a perfect gift.  It was perfect in the way  a perfect fourth or fifth is…and a major or minor interval is not.  So Mozart may have been at a disadvantage, because although he sensed that this was the case, it seemed that nobody would confirm it to him.  Instead, they tended to claim that he was an arrogant and obnoxious egotist.  So it ended up that Mozart was, in effect, destroyed by the lies of those around him, whether or not he was actually murdered.  The objective seemed to be to steal access to his music, to which he had held all the rights.

So performers tended to perform Mozart’s music perhaps thinking that by doing so, not only had they taken over his music, but perhaps they could then ‘become’ Mozart themselves.  However, this is not possible.  Anyone performing Mozart, no matter how technically correct, could not duplicate the energy he exuded.  If a performer were to add arrogance into the mixture, they might even run the risk of ending up performing anti-Mozart, or the music of Mozart intended to blot out this unique energy with which it was created…



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