Midnight Blue to Black — the Vanishing Act of the JFK Presidential Limousine SS100X In Broad Daylight

For anyone interested in the JFK assassination (the other part of my life :-0)…

JFK Assassination Presidential Limousine SS100X

Presented at JFKLancer Conference November, 23, 2013

Pamela Brown

Midnight Blue To Black:  the Vanishing Act of The Presidential Limousine SS100X In Broad Daylight

It is an honor to be invited to speak here today, and to have been given a spot in the schedule following the ceremonies at Dealey Plaza. Now we have a new beginning. Perhaps we can even look for some hope in Dallas and not just the tragedy. Ironically, however, in the last few weeks, we have all experienced the respinning of a lot of old disinformation about the JFK assassination from both sides.  That also applies to the presidential limousine, as I hope to demonstrate to you.

I wish to dedicate my presentation to my Advanced Placement English Teacher at Andrew Warde High School in Fairfield, Connecticut, Miss Evelyn Copeland.[Exhibit 1}]  She was both outrageous and brilliant, and challenged us at every turn.  We were…

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