#Minnegeddon — an orientation for beginners…

During Wolfgang Mozart’s life on earth it was pretty much a given that wherever he went he was surrounded by controversy.  Wolf may have brought some of it upon himself, as he was also known to have a wicked and sarcastic tongue, and to frequently lack empathy toward the plight of others of what he perceived to be lesser musical gifts.  At the same time, here was someone who was extraordinary to the point of being entirely different from others, with a unique quality that everyone sensed but refused to intentionally confirm to him.  There was, in fact, a mystery, as to why it was he apparently had unlimited access to the realms of music of genius while being in a constant state of turmoil in the natural world. 

It is my thinking that he created a vortex of energy that was fed upon and into by others.  I think it was such that when he entered a room there was probably even a sense of dread.  Nobody knew for sure what made him different, but he was different…and he was quickly perceived as a threat.  It was not only his talent that was threatening, it was something almost undefinable… It was something that essentially seemed to infer that it was either ‘him’ or ‘them’…that the two energies could not exist together.  

And so, Wolf was poisoned.  Perhaps literally, but not necessarily. His relationships, his garnering income, his establishing a powerhouse of a musical legacy for his family, what today we can easily call the “Mozart G’zillions,” were poisoned with petty and negative thoughts and attitudes.  His enemies probably rejoiced that he was gone forever.  However, that was not exactly the case.  The vortex of energy that swirled around him did not die with him.  It continued to gain power as time went by.

It is my thinking that some people deliberately tried to put themselves into this vortex.  Others may have slid into it, through an act of fate.  One of the latter, I believe, was Gustav Mahler.  I think he brought this vortex to America.  Some time after that, a local orchestra decided to change its name from that of a city to something that closely resembled the name of Wolf’s character “Monostatos”, in Die Zauberflote.  If I am correct, the center of the vortex is in that place, in fact, on the stage at that Hall.  The truth of his vision is becoming reality.  A battle between darkness and light is being waged full-force.  

And that is Minnegeddon.


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