#MinnegeddonPartDeux — I too have venticelli…:-0

In the opening scene of the slanderous play/movie AMADEUS, two servants whisper to each other about their employer, Salieri. They wonder about his involvement in the death of Mozart. Whispers and slandering were, in fact, a daily part of the life and death of Wolfgang Mozart. From the time he was first presented to the public he incurred controversy. He was being coached. Leopold was really composing his music. Many of the statements were ridiculous. Some of them stuck. Many came from his own kin — his father might as well have cursed Wolf’s ability to use money, as he complained about his failings so often, for example. And, of course, there were dire consequences in Mozart’s life because of the constant scrutiny and whispering and ill-intent. Mozart lived his life in the center of a vortex that closed in on him and ended up with his untimely death. The venticelli of slander played a big part in his demised.

I too have venticelli. I went through a phase where I spent so much time wondering why some people seemed to try to get close to me only to flatter me to my face and slander me behind my back that I found it counterproductive and gave up. There was nothing I could do about this illogical and sinister behavior. Later it occurred to me that I had been blissfully naive of the hidden ill-intent of these people in the first place. It took me quite a while to realize that I had a choice in involving anyone with ill-intent in my life, in fact. Since some of these deceptive souls happened to be a part of my family, that made my decision quite complicated. In some cases, even when I attempted to distance myself from those who attacked me with direct disrespect as well as subtle contempt, they managed to insinuate themselves into the lives of my children, in effect, forcing me to contend with them against my will. One of them attempted to poison three generations of a handful of my family members against me, someone who comes regularly from halfway around the world to do so. Another is in a major musical group.

Apparently, I was not supposed to have survived this treatment, which I call a ‘vortex of the evil eye’. With that in mind, it will be interesting to see what choices they make as I come forward at the level of the press…stay tuned…:-0


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