#MinnegeddonPartDeux…Out of Night and Fog…

As events unfold, my frustration increases. Now, not only is there a major arts group that refuses to hear die zauberflote and help bring it to the public at the level of the press, there also seems to be at least one educational organization and one religious organization who are also, in effect, locking me out. For legal as well as artistic purposes, I lump them together under the term “Monostatos”, after a character who happened to be the wicked servant in Serastro’s temple in Mozart’s opera Die Zauberflote.

I can say without a doubt that many  here in Minnesota know exactly what die zauberflote represents. In fact, it seems that I don’t even seem to need to pick up the flute — people start ducking and backing away the minute I open my mouth. Why is this? Let me share my thoughts…

I think it was because of die zauberflote that Wolf was killed, whether deliberately, or through an attack of darkness I call ‘the vortex of the evil eye’ — many people in agreement that he had to die. It was this gift, this extra energy, this ‘shalom’ that can even be heard in his music when played by those who despised him — called the “Mozart effect”.  When I play die zauberflote, the effect might be called ‘the Mozart effect on steroids.’  Some people weep with joy; others gnash their teeth. In a blink of an eye, a friend can be revealed as an adversary, and years of a relationship can be shown to be a sham.  It cleaves, divides, and gets the poison out.  It turns everything upside down, but uses everything for good. It flattens all of us who hear it, my family included.

Because of this gift, and therefore for the same reason, I think,  alive, Mozart was considered dangerous. And so, apparently, am I. Wolf was silenced. I am supposed to have been silenced, through being ‘locked-out’ by those I would expect would leap at the opportunity to help mentor this great gift to the human family.

Nevertheless, as I hope you can see, anyone who plans to align themself with the great master Mozart must have tenacity. And so I am moving forward with a video, called “Out of Night and Fog.” And I am moving forward with locked-out concerts that will also be shared online, so that anyone can hear for themselves what all the fuss is about and decide for themselves what to think…


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