#MinnegeddonPartDeux — Mozart’s gift and a Philosopher’s Stone? :-0

It has seemed to me for quite some time that the key to what actually happened to Wolf at the end of his life lay with the usual gift that he had that nobody talks about.  This is the gift that one astute listener actually defined as the “Mozart effect”.  There is undoubtedly something about his music that is calming and grounding, and something that speaks ineffably of hope and goodness.  It is my thinking that the lack of discussion about this extra gift that hardly any other composer had, and none certainly to the degree that Wolf did, stems from an agenda that was used during his lifetime and has been used ever since.  

In occult literature from ancient times onward there has been discussion of a “Philosopher’s Stone,” or something that a talented alchemist could use to transmute base metal into gold.  There has been much secrecy and mystery about this concept.  Nevertheless, some allude to having used it, and others seemed to show up unexpectedly with significant sums of money.  

I don’t think it took much for people around Wolf to realize that, not only did he have this unusual gift of creating extraordinary music right out of his head, but that he had an energy that differed from that of others.  This energy could be vampirized by those of ill intent.  And this vampirized energy could be used as a sort of Philosopher’s Stone. The only problem was that Mozart had to be successfully slandered in order for the process to work.  So those with ill-intent attempted to ingratiate themselves into his life.  They flattered him to his face and slandered him behind his back.  In the process they managed to vampirize this energy. They received commissions and money as he went into debt.  The slander created, in fact, an extra and false persona.  You might recognize it — the dictionary about it is the movie “Amadeus”.  That is how Mozart was robbed of the worldly abundance that could have been his destiny, and that is how he was robbed of his life…



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