#MinnegeddonPartDeux…the politics of shame? :-0

As those of us at the nucleus of die zauberflote sit in the silent center of a very noisy vortex that seems to carry with it waves of both good and evil, it can be very difficult and even stressful to attempt to analyze what is going on on the outside.  Nonetheless, there have recently been some very curious events that seem, on one level, almost inexplicable, while on another level evidence that things are moving forward in a positive way.

This spring, someone I considered to be a close friend, whose word, in fact, I rarely ever doubted, did an about face and treated me rudely not only in emails but at a public event.  This was such uncharacteristic behavior that I spent some serious time doubting that I had perceived things correctly.  But, as others were also present, my worst fears were confirmed.  Behind the scenes, it then appeared, that another person who has made it very obvious that they are my adversary, appears to have goaded this usually charming person into behaving badly.  

So it has dawned on me that what I call the “Hook of Lermontov”, or the underlying agenda against die zauberflote coming forward to the level of the press, has not yet been entirely removed.  While there appears to be so much positioning, and scurrying around behind the scenes and behind our backs, it would be supremely naive to fail to acknowledge this salient point. 

Often times with die zauberflote the experience is quite similar to an airplane flight — while ascending there are usually choppy patches which can at times appear to be threatening, but are, in fact, just part of the process of climbing to a cruising altitude which is usually much more smooth. So it is with die zauberflote — some days are gleefully full of joy and shalom and others seem fraught with unexpected controversy.  If there is one thing I have learned about it, it is that it is indeed magic, in that one never knows what to expect.  Some people are comfortable with this, while others are not.  Some even seem to take offense.  In this case, I can imagine that my ex-friend may be quietly editing their chapter on “How to try to destroy the Most Exciting Musician Since Mozart” (words of a ‘pro’, not mine) while the adversary tries to figure out who the next proxies will be while they segue back over to the other side of the world in order to keep them ‘safe’ from the consequences of trying to block die zauberflote…in any case, this is certainly a curious and interesting time…:-0



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