#MinnegeddonPartDeux…What the fuss is all about…

There is something changing in the underworld of music, but nobody will talk about it at the level of the press, except for occasional small slanderous rants, such as that of a Chicago music critic some weeks ago.  Why is this?

Well, you could consider this a kind of opera in which there is a mystery, a curse, and a deadly plot.  At the center of it is, not exactly a person, but a sound.  It is the sound that seems to cause phonies to run away. It is a quality of sound that gentle people seem to love.

Rather than tell anyone what to think, I would like to invite you to listen and decide for yourself what to think.  I ask that you listen with your ears and not with your head, as there are some who have seemed to pit themselves against this gift with words that are deliberately misleading…

Here is one sound file.  It is intentionally not something composed by Mozart, as it is simpler to hear the quality of sound alone…


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