(MFB) Were it not for the lessons I learned from Wolfgang Mozart, I probably would not be here today…

Ah, yes…the great one…:-)

Pamina, the other Mozart...protected by his great Zauberflote...

Without going into too much detail, let me assure you that studying the life of Wolfgang Mozart, not only his music, can provide you with life lessons you may not learn anywhere else.  For one thing, he was the world’s first musical superstar.  He never knew the meaning of anonymity.  Everywhere he went he created turmoil.  Even as a young adult his older peers were plotting against him, slyly insinuating that it was Leopold, not Wolf, who was behind his brilliant compositions.  But Mozart walked a tightrope for quite a while, and then fell very far.  As unusual as his gifts were in music, his understanding of human nature was immature and in some respects self-destructive.

However, no matter how much controversy, earned or not, Wolf was generating, he never complained.  He moved forward with everyone Gd put in his path, friend or foe.  Though there is ample documentation of…

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