Christians who slander…(MFB)…:-0

So there! :-0

Pamina, the other Mozart -- Minnegeddon...where the truth about the Mozarts is revealed...

The Bible specifically warns us against slander, which is bearing false witness about someone.  Here is a list of verses on this topic:  One would think it would be evident to everyone who considers themselves to be a Christian that slander and libel are wrong.  One might think there would be something pricking their conscience, some little bit of light that says, “Whoa Nelly!” But that does not seem to be the case.

Unfortunately, slander and libel seem to go hand-in-hand with die zauberflote.  To those in the world, one could hardly expect more from them, as experiencing die zauberflote seems to be generally overwhelming and can seem to be unnerving.  But one would think that Christians would be a step above such nonsense.  Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.  While countless Christians have experienced die zauberflote, you have probably not heard any of them saying anything…

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