A breath of fresh air for Berlin? from the Slipped Disc blog…

All eyes have been on the Berlin Phil recently as they worked to name a new Principal Conductor.  Mid-May they found themselves at an impasse.  Now they have made their choice…a fascinating one too.  Here’s my comment:

“It is charming that Mr. Petrenko was selected not simply for expediency, but for serious artistic merit. How delightful that he is considered shy and has a mystique.

Who cannot resonate to the idea of watching this man rise to the challenge in Berlin; perhaps not unlike King George VI tripping into power just prior to the start of WWII with the world holding its breath…

And I can’t help but wonder what his gifts and insights are regarding Mahler…and, of course, Mozart…:-)”

See more at: http://slippedisc.com/2015/06/kirill-petrenko-the-morning-after/#sthash.bg1kclRl.dpuf


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