Why was Wolfgang Mozart despised?

Let’s get this straight…

Pamina, the other Mozart...protected by his great Zauberflote...

In just about any book you pick up about Wolfgang Mozart you will find a few or a number of references to how conceited he was.  In fact, to many, it seemed that his arrogance had no end.  He was constantly correcting his colleagues in musical matters.  He enjoyed humiliating them, in fact, when they were especially pompous.  He was overbearing and, unfortunately for his victims, always right.  Did any of his colleagues during his life actually acknowledge the superiority of Mozart’s gifts to theirs?  Hardly.  They didn’t seem to have the time to do that — they were too busy cutting him down behind his back to rework him into something they were more comfortable with.  The result was the curious and infuriating ‘slander factory’ that accompanied Wolf wherever he went.  His colleagues, in short, could do no wrong, while he could do no right.  We even have a…

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