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Off with their heads! …response to AR’s ‘fungibility’ post…

The MOA has a very curious attitude.  They seem to think the MO players are interchangeable!  They think they can let this group go and others of equal talent and experience will be lining up to play in the new updated Orchestra Hall.  This has caught the eye, and ear, of the player-advocate Alex Ross:

I can think of only one solution…:-0

Time for the MO players to live in the real world? :-0 …sd reply…

It seems now that in the old days the MO players were a bit more flexible with management. The current group of players has tended to repeatedly misstate Alex Ross’ statement about a MO concert at CH where ‘for that one night’ they played like the best orchestra in the world, and turned it into ‘they are always the best orchestra in the world’. Even Mr. Ross corrected that misconception.

There seems to be a kind of rigidity to their mindset, and, with the greatest of respect for all of the players, having any sort of a chip on one’s shoulder tends to lead one to a dead end. It is almost as though they are being led astray by a false piper.