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An example from the JFK assassination environment of the intensity of venom I deal with…

Echoes of a rant on Slipped Disc last summer of a Chicago music critic…


Sandy McCroskey, typesetter at The Nation magazine, has decided to come out swinging…



GRRR…a crossover post — but more P2A than JFK

(This is a response to the group owner, Prof. McAdams of Marquette U, on the group alt.assassination.jfk., a confirmed WC defender.  This group is run, imo, much like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where McAdams gets to make all the rules and feels comfortable attempting to destroy the credibility of anyone who disagrees with him. Ahem.  You can guess where that leaves me. :-0)

For some unknown reason, McAdams likes to inject the Holocaust into various threads, always appearing to try to position me as a Holocaust-denier. That in itself is odd, in that it would seem the WC defenders would me more inclined to deny the Holocaust, not the CTs.

For McAdams information, let me share another area of my research for a different project. I am currently researching the history of the Berlin Philharmonic, which was once, literally, the Reich’s Orchestra. I am posting on threads on another blog (not mine) about the Vienna Philharmonic, which to this day has only a handful of women and is currently scurrying to ‘present’ research on their connections to the Reich prior to the anniversary of the Anschluss (when Hitler annexed Austria to Germany) in March.

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, January 27 (which also happens to be Mozart’s birthday, and it is named thus because it was on this day in 1945 that Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated) I watched a live streaming opera from Vienna about the terrible events that transpired during the Reich at a children’s hospital there called “Spiegelgrund”. Here is the link, it appears to be still available for viewing:

So if McAdams wants to raise any more red flags, this is definitely the way to do it.

I have spent time at Dachau. Has McAdams?