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#MinnegeddonPartDeux? I certainly hope not…:-0

The world of classical music is reeling with the sudden death of Andrew Patner, renowned Chicago music critic http://slippedisc.com/2015/02/terrible-news-leading-classical-brodcaster-is-dead/

Ironically, it was this same man who took aim at me last summer in a thread on the SD blog, with, it seemed, Mr. Lebrecht’s approval…

Inexplicable as it all appeared to me at the time, I hoped to be able to persuade him to hear me play…this is very sad indeed…


#MinnegeddonPartDeux — Andrew Patner and the sock-puppet venticelli…:-0

I love the Met.  I follow Met threads on the Slipped Disc blog.  I had just posted about my early memories about being bussed down to the Met in grade school to watch rehearsals.  I was enraptured — so were my classmates.  One of them even became a docent at the San Francisco Opera.  

So you can imagine my abject horror when I received an email showing a new comment to a Met thread.  It was not about the Met — it was about me!  Not only that, it was a rant that included my name, my actual website, the fact that I also am a JFK assassination researcher, and the rest was libelous drivel.  As someone who uses the alias “Amy” on SD and other blogs has been dogging my posts for months, I made the assumption that “Andrew Patner” was probably one of her aliases.  I immediately emailed Norman Lebrecht, who runs the SD blog, and begged him to remove the post. He declined to do that, explaining that Andrew Patner is in fact a real person, in fact, an esteemed Chicago music critic, and that he had made that post.  Norman suggested that I ‘slug it out’ so to speak, on the SD blog.  Here is a link to the thread:


So I did defend myself.  And I asked for an apology from him and “Amy” and the other sock-puppets who tried to dogpile on me in that thread.  That was a couple of days ago.  I am still waiting…