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Back from the real world…

I have spent the last two months focused on the JFK assassination and my presentation in at the JFKLancer conference in Dallas, which took place on November 23, 2013.  It was a great honor to be asked to present on the JFK Presidential limousine, which has been my area of specialty since 1988. Here is a link to the text…


But now I am back in the world of music… 🙂Image


The enigmatic Sibelius Violin Concerto…on the flute? SD reply…

Good for Kavakos. To my thinking, Heifetz is a hard act to follow, but not impossible.

I heard the Sibelius performed last week by an outstanding flautist, DB of the Met Opera Orchestra. As much as I appreciate his pushing the envelope, I was reminded how very different the flute and violin are in terms of nuance and expression. It does not seem feasible to recreate the architecture we hear in the finest readings of this piece on any other instrument than the violin.