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Wolf, me and the Amadeus slander factory…


#Minnegeddon — the clock ticks down…s d reply

This is not attempt to ‘justify’ any of the MOA actions. However, there may be a possibility than an understanding of this issue might further define the complexity of the situation MOA could be facing.

What if, for example, they are scurrying around trying to figure out how how not to be labeled ‘the band that locked out Mozart’? What if they have done what they can to flush out anyone involved? Now what do they do? :-0


The utter frustration of the MOA/MO endgame…s d reply…

With all due respect for Mayor Rybak, who has, until now, appeared to be a staunch champion of the MO players, why does his statement seem to generate an eery analogy to Pilate washing his hands?

Why isn’t he in there with them? :-0


The MO noble, and, distraught, leader…SD reply…

So then, for the most part, Maestro Vanska is suffering along with the players, financially, as well as emotionally. True, that he probably has no lack of substitute gigs though…I have no doubt orchestras are beating their way to his door, including the NYPhil, for whom he substituted in China/Taiwan…


New organization for the locked-out MO players a possibility? SD reply…

Agreed. One of the suggestions the players have made is that they create a new organization. That would, of course, be challenging, but surely not impossible.

They might want to keep “Minnesota” out of the new name.



Endgame at the MOA? Mr. Henson cancels rest of MO season…SD reply

It seems that there may be some sort of script in play here. MOA knows the updated hall will be a big draw to the players and everyone will want to be a part of its re-opening. MOA may be trying to use this as the means of bringing the players to their knees and getting them to submit a counter-offer.

With the canceling of the remainder of the season, it seems that endgame strategies are in place. I would love to be mistaken.