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#MinnegeddonPartDeux – Now what? (or, the fallout continues)

While OV begins negotiations to return in some capacity to the MO, eight board members of MOA have resigned as a result of the dismissal of Mr. Henson.  While all of this seems quite to be expected, as the chips fall from the prolonged lockout of eighteen months, we are given yet another fascinating glimpse into the innards of this organization.  

Are there underlying reasons for these events?  Are there other shoes to fall, so to speak? Will the ‘rebellion’ staged by the players in refusing to crawl back to MOA after being locked-out and the encouragement of their leader who stood up to MOA on their behalf continue to the point of trying to, in effect, clean house at MOA and, in effect, perhaps even try to take control of the endowment? Or, if they do not get their way, might they even try to form another organization and attempt to have the endowment transferred to them? 

Ironically, it may well have been the legacy of those who are leaving or who have already resigned to have managed, in their own at-times bumbling way, to keep MO from going belly-up during a time of great crisis and transition.  

Certainly, this is an interesting time…

#MinnegeddonPartDeux — What’s going on at MOA? s d reply…

I don’t live in the world of 200M organizations, but it seems to me that it would be extremely reckless for MOA to embark on a course that involves humiliating its employees and blithely waving goodbye to the conductor who brought them to world-class status, without having a “Plan B” in place prior to the lockout. Surely any of those on the Board who enabled Mr. Henson’s strategies should have realized that he, at the very least, would have to take responsibility for the consequences. My question is, ‘why have they been dragging their heels?” :-0


Only one miracle? s d reply…

With all due respect, Mr. Vanska has been able to take a group of players who could play at times very well and at others exhibit excruciating musical gaffs and train them to eliminate virtually all their bad habits. Based on the dramatic improvement of quality in the MO during his tenure, it seems there is nothing he can’t accomplish.

Of course, he would have to still be there to do this…:-0


Off with their heads! …response to AR’s ‘fungibility’ post…

The MOA has a very curious attitude.  They seem to think the MO players are interchangeable!  They think they can let this group go and others of equal talent and experience will be lining up to play in the new updated Orchestra Hall.  This has caught the eye, and ear, of the player-advocate Alex Ross:

I can think of only one solution…:-0

Endgame at the MOA? Mr. Henson cancels rest of MO season…SD reply

It seems that there may be some sort of script in play here. MOA knows the updated hall will be a big draw to the players and everyone will want to be a part of its re-opening. MOA may be trying to use this as the means of bringing the players to their knees and getting them to submit a counter-offer.

With the canceling of the remainder of the season, it seems that endgame strategies are in place. I would love to be mistaken.