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The Mozart Difference…sd reply…

Thank you, I think you have made your case clear, but have misunderstood my point. It is that my position in regards to Mozart  is that he had a different energy from other composers, and as a result, created differently. He seemed to do effortlessly what they struggled with. He held multiple pieces of music in his head at one time and just needed to find a quiet spot — or not– to jot them down.  There was nothing Mozart could do about his being different, and everybody just hated him as a result.  He could do no right.  Even if he had been better at schmoozing and sucking up to people, they still would have detested him.  In Mozart’s case, it is this difference in energy, still left in his music, that is called the “Mozart Effect”.  It was a perfect gift  — perfect in the way a perfect fourth or fifth is perfect, whereas a minor or major sixth is not.  It didn’t matter what his nationality was.  It so happened he was Austrian.