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What happened to Mozart? Might it have included an ‘evil eye’…:-0

Every once and a while someone will make reference to an ‘evil eye’.  This, as a concept, seems to have started in the earliest civiizations, where even Egyptians had a stone with an ‘eye’ in it, to ward off the ‘evil eye.’  There is a look connected to the concept, eg ‘he gave me the evil eye’.  But there is also a group context.  It works like this.  

Someone with ill intent will insinuate themself into another person’s life, pretending to be their friend.  They are very chummy, oh-so-helpful, and nearly always ‘good’ people who make sure to let you know just now special they are.  They flatter and move in.  In truth, they are only feigning affection.  They are about to begin treating this person as though they were already dead.  The victim may sense little bits of disrespect or harshness from time to time, but for the most part they are sure they ‘know’ the person and must have misread their word or action. This leader will then assimilate others with ill intent toward this person.  If these are people already in a relationship, such as family or co-worker to the victim, all the better.  A few knowing looks can solidify a connection.  Then all these people are in agreement that this person needs to go.  They form a group, or a vortex of the evil eye.  This will tend to cause the victim to become vulnerable, and perhaps take sick or have some sort of accident.  It all looks ‘natural’ and nobody is to blame.  Some people seem to have been targeted in this way.  One of them is Mozart, others are JFK and Princess Diana.  Just a thought…