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Soloist v orchestral player? s d reply…

From another post (can’t find a reply button to it) you said, “Do I take it, then, that part of the problem is conservatories training their students to be soloists rather than orchestral players?

(If so, I’m guessing that that’s a more common phenomenon for string students than for woodwind and brass.)”

My teacher, a Principal Flute of the MO, always made a distinction between an orchestral player and a soloist. He said repeatedly that most conservatory grads can toss of multiple concertos, but are unable to play a single orchestral solo correctly.

An irony seems to be, however, that orchestral playing can tend to make a performer more timid or take fewer risks as a soloist, which was my impression with him.



What in the world (to aspire to)? sd reply…

Especially considering the ongoing angst at the MO, one might be tempted to wonder why any musician with dreams of great success would aspire to be a member of an orchestra, when the big money seems to be in either being a successful soloist, conductor, or part of management…