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Forget about the Nazi connection to Wagner’s music? sd reply…

With all due respect, to many of us, “Never Again” means far more even than Wagner’s music.  If  only all the Wagner descendants  embraced Gottfried’s position. But they don’t.  



Conflicting aspects of Richard Wagner as told by Gottfried Wagner…sd reply…

Gottfried Wagner is a breath of fresh air. It takes courage to be in the middle of the Wagner family and yet stick to his own principles, especially in public. I imagine some of the other Wagners are just cringing at his honesty.

I have come to love Wagner’s music in spite of myself. For many years I refused to have anything to do with it because of Wagner’s anti-Semitism and the connection of his music to Hitler and the Third Reich. But his music to me transcends even the horrific connection, and some productions, such as the recent Francois Girard Parsifal at the Met, can help Wagner’s music to be understood in a timeless and universal manner.