Are you implying that RW’s anti-Semitism did not

Are you implying that RW’s anti-Semitism did not apply to the arts? That is surely not impossible, but what exactly are you referencing as a source?

Ironically, AH’s anti-Semitism seemed to have taken a back seat to his love of Wagner’s music, in that he had nothing negative to say about Mahler’s conducting of Wagner’s works.

Plus, AH and GM happened to be in the same place at the same time on May 8, 1906, when AH attended a performance of T+O at the Vienna Opera with Mahler conducting. It is doubly ironic for me, in that May 8 is my birthday….

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Historically speaking, orchestras have tended to develop in more of an underbelly of music than as a part of its virtues. Arguments and tumult have been more typical than amicable environments. We need look no further than Gustav Mahler and the emerging NYPO for just one example. So, in that light, we may look in awe and with respect at orchestras that are being effectively managed, rather than expecting every one to be so.

Also, when it comes to the orchestras and the players, it seems easy to forget the mandate of ‘whatever the market will bear.’ We can only benefit by living in the real world of changing circumstances; a pretend would of entitlement tends to fall apart during a crisis such as this with the SFS and the MO/SPCO.