Die Zauberflote…this is Mozart…

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Ah, yes…:-)

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From the time of Wolfgang Mozart’s (untimely) death, fascination has swirled about who will be the ‘next’ Mozart.  Various proteges, from Mendelssohn to Paganini were touted as possible contenders because of the brilliance and agility of their gifts.  Recently, a little girl pianist was apparently being prepped to move into position.  However, before long, all of these candidates have seemed to fall short, and the promise fizzled out.  How can this be, everyone wonders?  There just has to be ‘another’ Mozart sooner or later.

Well, I can comfortably tell you that, no, that will not happen.  There will never be another Wolfgang Mozart.  Why Gd would want to put another one on the earth after how badly Wolf was treated, one can hardly imagine.  For one of the secrets about the life and death of Wolfgang Mozart, imo, is that he was deliberately deceived, cheated, maligned and then killed.  No…

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Christians who slander…(MFB)…:-0

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So there! :-0

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The Bible specifically warns us against slander, which is bearing false witness about someone.  Here is a list of verses on this topic: http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-Slander/.  One would think it would be evident to everyone who considers themselves to be a Christian that slander and libel are wrong.  One might think there would be something pricking their conscience, some little bit of light that says, “Whoa Nelly!” But that does not seem to be the case.

Unfortunately, slander and libel seem to go hand-in-hand with die zauberflote.  To those in the world, one could hardly expect more from them, as experiencing die zauberflote seems to be generally overwhelming and can seem to be unnerving.  But one would think that Christians would be a step above such nonsense.  Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.  While countless Christians have experienced die zauberflote, you have probably not heard any of them saying anything…

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#Minnegeddon Part Deux — What about the citizens who contribute to Monostatos’ Orchestra? :-0

If you have an arts organization you typically have faith in it — implicit in the existence of a musical organization is the inference that they treasure all things musical, and will search high and low to bring forth to their supporters the best and greatest they can find.  When one donates to such an organization the trust in their veracity is a big part of the willingness to do so.  But what happens if such an organization is positioning itself to withhold from its supporters, not to mention, its audiences, something of great significance in the history of music?  What if they have staked out colleagues to assist in this endeavor?  What if they are insisting on pretending that ‘everything is just the same’ when they know first hand that this is not the case?

Do the citizens who are contributing to this organization have any right to know what is going on?  Do they have a right to know if their contributions are being used to suppress something extraordinary, rather than to bring it to them?

(MFB) Were it not for the lessons I learned from Wolfgang Mozart, I probably would not be here today…

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Ah, yes…the great one…:-)

Originally posted on The Other Mozart -- Locked-Out in Minnesota:

Without going into too much detail, let me assure you that studying the life of Wolfgang Mozart, not only his music, can provide you with life lessons you may not learn anywhere else.  For one thing, he was the world’s first musical superstar.  He never knew the meaning of anonymity.  Everywhere he went he created turmoil.  Even as a young adult his older peers were plotting against him, slyly insinuating that it was Leopold, not Wolf, who was behind his brilliant compositions.  But Mozart walked a tightrope for quite a while, and then fell very far.  As unusual as his gifts were in music, his understanding of human nature was immature and in some respects self-destructive.

However, no matter how much controversy, earned or not, Wolf was generating, he never complained.  He moved forward with everyone Gd put in his path, friend or foe.  Though there is ample documentation of…

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#MinnegeddonPartDeux? I certainly hope not…:-0

The world of classical music is reeling with the sudden death of Andrew Patner, renowned Chicago music critic http://slippedisc.com/2015/02/terrible-news-leading-classical-brodcaster-is-dead/

Ironically, it was this same man who took aim at me last summer in a thread on the SD blog, with, it seemed, Mr. Lebrecht’s approval…

Inexplicable as it all appeared to me at the time, I hoped to be able to persuade him to hear me play…this is very sad indeed…

An example from the JFK assassination environment of the intensity of venom I deal with…

Echoes of a rant on Slipped Disc last summer of a Chicago music critic…


Sandy McCroskey, typesetter at The Nation magazine, has decided to come out swinging…



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