#Minnegeddon — Is there another reason why the MO has ground to a halt? s d reply to “Amy”

My reply was intended to help anyone who is interested think outside of the box.

And btw, P2A is finished, except for the epilogue, which happens to be entitled “Revenge of the Mozarts”. :-)


#Minnegeddon — the clock ticks down…s d reply

This is not attempt to ‘justify’ any of the MOA actions. However, there may be a possibility than an understanding of this issue might further define the complexity of the situation MOA could be facing.

What if, for example, they are scurrying around trying to figure out how how not to be labeled ‘the band that locked out Mozart’? What if they have done what they can to flush out anyone involved? Now what do they do? :-0


#Minnegeddon — Are Hensen, et al ‘vandal’s or not? s d reply…

“Henson, Campbell, and Davis are vandals, pure and simple.”

Just suppose for a moment that they are (also) dealing with something that happened behind their backs that may have involved one or more of the players that could have a significant effect on the public perception of the orchestra? Would ‘vandal’ still be an appropriate term?


The other, ‘other’ shoe that may be contributing to the current #Minnegeddon

If you are willing to think outside-of-the-box, find a copy of the score to Mozart’s last major opera and check out the character Monostatos. Take a moment to figure out how this character tries to take fate into his own hands, and lead the noble vision of Sarastro and his priests astray.  How does Monostatos try to influence Pamina?

In the opera, Sarastro promptly removes Monostatos when he realizes he is a traitor.  The temple is preserved, the knights are safe (until the final battle).  What if Sarastro were to have allowed Monostatos to remain in the temple?  What would have happened then?  Would the priests have been destroyed and Sarastro be out of a job?

#Minnegeddon — another issue that Hensen et al may be dealing with…s d reply…

With all due respect, that is your opinion about Hensen and you are entitled. My position on him and MOA is somewhat different. I happen to have a somewhat unique perspective, which you may choose to accept or not.

While I agree that MOA does seem to have actual malevolence against the players, I think that they may perceive that as not entirely unjustified. In one case, at least, things have happened behind the back of the board that could also affect the existence of the orchestra. It may be that MOA is flushing trying to flush anyone involved with this out, albeit in a clumsy manner with dire consequences.