#MinnegeddonPartDeux — End of angst, or coming back to face the music?

The ongoing saga of “Monostatos” seems in one sense to be coming full circle — but with one curious difference — everyone has been provided with all the information they need to do the right thing in regards to yet another, other shoe that is going to fall.  Some of them may have walked into a trap of their own making without yet being aware of it.  Others are simply trying to do their best to come to grips with something out of the ordinary.  At any rate, this is a fascinating time…


The Other Side of Die Zauberflote…

It continually amazes me about die zauberflote, not the opera, the flute itself, that so many appear to take it for granted, as though there is nothing unusual.  From my standpoint, there is just nothing more powerful.  I call it a gift of “shalom” — something kind and refreshing, and this is true.  Playing the flute while keeping in mind a certain person or issue always helps to make things better.  No matter how dire a situation may appear, something wonderful seems to swoop in and turn everything for good.

There is another side of die zauberflote, however; a more enigmatic one, somewhat mystical.  It seems that it can generate a sort of energy of fire that will charge into the layers of lies or misrepresentations in a situation and pull them out.  Then it is as though a negative fog lifts and the truth becomes clear.

There seem to be a few stiffnecked people who think they can reverse the energy of die zauberflote somehow and use it to their own ends.  Many of them are now dead.  The luckier ones may be those who end up in a panic, seeking help to deal with something they find they do not understand.