What is Die Zauberflote — or as some players call it, “the real magic flute”?

For quite a while I sat on the inside of something that, because I dealt with it every day seemed normal, but which was, in fact, unusual. Right from the start it seemed that whenever I picked up the flute and played, curious and sometimes frightening things started to happen.  Some gritted their teeth; others burst into tears of joy, some seemed to remain stoic.  Some turned on me in fury.  Others walked away in stony silence.

But the undeniable truth was that circumstances always change when I play the flute.  I have learned through trials that everything is used for good, no matter what the surface appearance may be.  I have learned that this energy of music protects me and my family from all harm.  I have learned that it pretty much stops ill intent in its tracks.  Some seem to hear the voice of Mozart in it.  Others, with ill-intent, have heard a voice in their own heads.  One called it ‘a riding crop voice’.  It may be that of the dark angel, the “Night Magician.”


Still, it is always a mystery.

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