#MinnegeddonPartDeux — die zauberflote an underlying reason for the MO lockout?

When I look at this situation objectively, it is almost staggering. It can be asked, in fact, from my perspective, whether or not a 200M arts organization was brought to a grinding halt in order to deal with critical issues of the organization, of course, but also to begin to undo damage done to me and my family and set things moving on a more constructive course. Of course, while some of those on the other end of this situation might titter and chortle and this assertion, I think that I can demonstrate that it has merit. And if there is any possibility this is the case, would it not speak to not only the presence of something extraordinary, which can only be called, as more than one MO player and others have acknowledged, ‘the real magic flute’, but as an example of how it works to stop wickedness in its tracks and turn everything to be used for good?


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